Erasmus in Porto

If you are an Erasmus Student in Porto or planning to be one, enrol in this very flexible Portuguese course.

You get a personal attention throughout your entire Portuguese course; you have the guarantee that you’ll have an intensive and effective teaching method in a group of up to 6 classmates. We know that the only way you can succeed in learning a language fast is if you’re focused and constantly being encouraged and pushed by your teacher. We aim at boosting your speaking skills so that you’re able to speak Portuguese in every context possible while you’re living and studying in Porto. Our lessons lead you into using the real street spoken Portuguese at all times!

The only rule is that the Portuguese lessons may take place between 2pm and 10pm. The courses begin with a 5 hour package adjusted to your needs. You can schedule your lessons for the time period you want. Take a 5 hour package and use it in a day, a week or throughout a month. It's your choice. Also take advantage of our special discounts for Erasmus students: groups of 2 students will benefit of 10% off, groups of 4 will have 15% off and groups of 6 Erasmus students will get 25% off on their Portuguese lessons. Learn Portuguese with your Erasmus classmates and benefit from our discounts.

Prices start at 62,5€ for a 5 hour package if you come alone. Bring one Erasmus friend and each of you will pay 56,25€. Gather a group of 6 and the 5 hour package will cost 45€ per person. Contact us for more details.


Start TimeEnd TimeGroup Hours/WeekPrivate Hours/DayPrice
2pm10pm1 to- 5 (or more)0Subject to the kind of package request and number of students
Chatting in Portuguese during break Learning Portuguese one on one Students end their Portuguese Course and get an attendance certificate Text written in Portuguese by a student on the board