Extra Courses

These are general 3 lesson/ day courses.

Easter, Summer and Christmas courses are meant for students who have only 2 weeks to spend in Porto and would rather have a lighter and cheaper course. These 3 courses focus on general European Portuguese and cover all language levels, from A1 forward.

Brazilian Portuguese is also a 2 week course meant for students who already have a previous knowledge of general Portuguese and wish to go deeper into Brazilian Portuguese. The course covers pronunciation differences between the 2 types of Portuguese, specificities of BrPt grammar and an important insight of Brazilian culture. It is the ideal course for those who already speak some Portuguese (between A1 and A2) and want to get ready to spend a vacation in Brazil or for expats who will live/ work there.

Check the starting dates available:

Class Starts at Class ends at Starting Dates Finish Dates Total Number of Lessons Price
Easter Portuguese 9h30am 12h30pm Mar 26 April 6 30 350€
Summer Portuguese

July 2

July 16

July 30

July 13

July 28

Aug 10

Christmas Portuguese Dec 17 Dec 28
Brazilian Portuguese 1st and 3rd Mondays 2nd and 4th Fridays
Immersion in Portuguese Culture and Language Group picture of Portuguese Langua Students Break at our portuguese school Ending the portuguese class